Undivided Heart

Undivided HeartUndivided Heart:
Finding Meaning and Motivation in Christ
Lucy Mills
ISBN 978 0 232 53323 1
Published October 2017

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Undivided Heart: Finding Meaning and Motivation in Christ was published at the end of October 2017.

What it’s about?

I’ve always been fascinated with the ‘whys’ of life. From the colour of the sky to the nature of my own mind, I have frequently paused and puzzled at the astonishing fact of my existence. How do we find meaning without getting overwhelmed by it?

Undivided Heart is a book that digs deep into identity and purpose. It looks at the things that drive us and define us, exploring the shapers of our lives and examining the lenses through which we view our world. It acknowledges our tendencies to label our lives and one another, and asks what effect this might have on us and on our wellbeing.

It takes a journey though the Bible, teasing out the motives found within its pages, searching for meaning in the paths we follow in our lives.

What does it mean to be human? What about being a Christ follower?

In an age of social media and mass communication, trying to hold onto a sense of identity can be a fragile, confusing thing. How does our hurried world take the time to reflect on what it means to be who we are? The book acknowledges the challenges of our world and puts them into a wider context of a deeper spirituality,  neither dismissing their value nor refusing to acknowledge the dangers that come with them.

Exploring cause and effect, as well as acknowledging the times when life doesn’t ‘fit the formula’, this book challenges its readers to think about what an undivided heart might look like. Is it a feeling? A spiritually superior state? Or is it a struggle, something that we seek and strive for, while acknowledging that only God has the ability to unite our hearts fully in our pursuit of him?

A life led by the Spirit, compelled by Christ’s love, held under the banner of the one Name that matters – Undivided Heart weaves these threads into a tapestry, in which I invite the reader to walk with me, acknowledging our deepest questions and exploring how God meets us in our befuddlement as much as in our certainty.

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