Lucy Mills is author of Forgetful Heart: Remembering God in a Distracted World and Undivided Heart: Finding Meaning and Motivation in Christ. Both are published by DLT books. She also writes feature articles, poetry, prayers and other worship resources.

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Writing an ‘about me’ page seems very challenging. You’d think it wouldn’t, after all the other writing I’ve done – but…

THINGS about me

Guinea pig owner, four older siblings, two nephews, Devon-born, managing life with ME/CFS. Pursuing a new artistic dream as I clamber out of a recent relapse.

Things I like

Wandering through fields and along tree-lined paths; staring over a wild sea; sitting with a flask in a bird hide with binoculars; highland cows, hedgehogs, ducks and a whole assortment of other wild creatures. Taking photographs; pottering in the garden; scribbling old-style with a pen in a notebook in coffee shops; pressing plunge on a cafetiére; fairy lights (white and non-blinking, please); reading; gaming (mainly for the community/friendships); cardmaking, jewellery making and scrapbooking (I need to get back into these to justify my stash of supplies). Gathered church in its various forms. Giggling about the small things that make life better. Stationery – oh, yes! Friends with whom I can be myself; catching up with family; gazing at the stars (or sky in general in fact – clouds are nice). Kindness. Kindness is my favourite.

Things that inspire me

Most of the above. When it comes to writing, I’m not good at listing influencers, but there are words I like and words I love – and I adore the moments when I come across something written which is not just good but breath-taking.  Mixed media art… textile artists are frequently both inspiring and intimidating for me as a newbie!

Things that fascinate me

Identity; memory; why we do what we do; what makes us tick; the inner workings of things; the ants scurrying in the cracks of the patio; pondlife; words and language; the digital age and all that comes with it; colours; texture; God; the universe; everything.

Things I dislike

Cruelty. Injustice. Those kinds of things. Also, when neighbourhood cats leave deposits on the lawn I have to clear up. Tarragon.

Things that challenge me

The ‘lacks’ – lack of energy, confidence. The presence of worry or doubt. Juggling different commitments – true of most people I know. Writing short stories (determined to crack this). Sharing a room with a crane fly. Trying to eat something with tarragon in it.