the ups and downs of life…

…and everything in between.

It’s a bit of a medley, isn’t it – joy and sadness, the extraordinary and the mediocre, mundane moments and transforming circumstances.

I’ve been slowly emerging from the pit of repeated illness.  My cough now limits itself to small portions of the day (usually mid to late morning, for some reason) and I am hoping it will, one day, shift at last.

I managed to get to London last week for editorial meetings; I didn’t plan much extra as I didn’t know what energy I would have left over – but it was delightful to liaise with a much-loved friend as well as (unexpectedly) having the energy to ‘do’ Tower Bridge (Tower Bridge is my London landmark crush, I am vaguely besotted with it).

The weekend was a difficult one, as we had a poorly guinea pig. It pains me to say that the story does not have a happy ending. Our lovely boy Chewbacca had emergency vet treatment on the Sunday, but it didn’t prevent a painful discovery on Monday morning. I always feel faint disbelief at death – that something so alive could become so… still.

chewy small
One of the last photos taken of Chewbacca (Chewy).

Not everyone will ‘get’ this, but fellow pet owners will understand that an animal can steal a piece of your heart, and my heart will be sore for a while. When I am not otherwise occupied and therefore distracted, my mind drifts back to him.  I think of him – buoyant, inquisitive, full of (often hilarious) attitude – full of life – or I think of him as I found him on Monday – that overwhelming stillness. Both memories hurt.

So, I am trying to fill my mind with other things for some relief – oddly sorting out GDPR-related stuff has worked well in this regard. (My privacy policy is here.)

So, yes.  Life feels a bit up-and-down-ish.  Hopefully I can get back into doing more writing soon.  I actually had time to flip through my notebook and ponder this morning… so who knows?

Also, I have at last had my hair cut. A small triumph of the everyday.

By Lucy Hannah

Lucy is a mixed media artist with a particular interest in acrylics and feltmaking. She is also an experienced writer and editor.


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