enforced rest…

So, I am ill.

After trying to make a slow come back after the virus I had for two weeks over Christmas, I was struck by another last weekend. It’s been nearly a week, but I’m still flagging – at this point the irritated chronic fatigue is hard to tell from the virus, although the sore throat and chestiness belongs chiefly to the latter.


But it could be worse. The interesting timings of things have meant that there is nothing I have had to do this week and the scheduled things could be cancelled (coffee with friend – sad; dentist – not so sad).

There is a point when the weariness takes charge and there is nothing I can do about it; struggling against it won’t help and I don’t have the strength to struggle anyway.

So, moodwise I am exasperated but not too blue. Just…fogged up and fatigued.

(Pausing to look out of window to see long tailed tits competing with goldfinches over sunflower hearts. I like windows.)

Although I am trying to patiently wait out the weariness I could do with the sore throat improving – waking in the early hours feeling like something has filed it raw is, admittedly, something of a drag…

Next week – hmmm – I do have something on, but in theory it’s a nice thing, and if I can shift the sore throat I should be able to mellow my way through it and actually get some more rest and space because of it.

But, as with so much at the moment, I have to say: We’ll see.


By Lucy Hannah

Lucy is a mixed media artist with a particular interest in acrylics and feltmaking. She is also an experienced writer and editor.

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