Undivided Heart – farewell to the blog tour!

Hello! Today is the final day of the Undivided Heart blog tour and I hope you’ve enjoyed visiting some different blogs. Today Mandy Johnson reviews the book over at her blog – read her post by clicking here. Mandy describes her blog as ‘a mish-mash of testimony-type posts, devotional stuff and book reviews’.  Do take…… Continue reading Undivided Heart – farewell to the blog tour!

Undivided Heart – day 7

Not staying long today – getting ready for the launch this evening.  Feeling a bit tired, frazzled and foolish-in-advance…  If you could spare a prayer for energy and courage, I’d appreciate it.  Also that the event would really bless people and encourage their hearts. Today you get something different on the blog tour – it’s a…… Continue reading Undivided Heart – day 7

Undivided Heart – day 6!

Why, hello again! Back so soon? Today is day six of the blog tour (there are eight of them, if you’re wondering if it will ever end) and that means I’m over at Claire Musters’ website, sharing my thoughts on how the quest for approval and the preoccupation with appearance can become a malignant motivator in…… Continue reading Undivided Heart – day 6!