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I’ve been super busy editing and proofreading recently (with both my editor and writer ‘hats’) and so the blog begins to experience neglect.  It rather expects it.  Did I raise its hopes, with my short flurry of posts?


It knows better.

Meanwhile, I am watching the skies. A house martin just flew past – but they won’t be here much longer. I like early autumn.  But I don’t like the sudden emptiness of the sky – I feel it in my heart.  I’m bracing myself for their departure, for the hush where I am used to a soundtrack of cheerful chirrupings.

Yesterday I’d convinced myself they’d gone, after mass gatherings earlier this week, there was a stark lack…and then two or three flittered by. I entered the mourning period early, and had to pull back. Not gone yet.

Transitions. Change.

The book is about to go to print. I’m bracing myself for that, too. Not gone yet, but nearly.  By the time you read this, who knows? My skies might be empty by then.

Autumn has come.


By Lucy Hannah

Lucy is a mixed media artist with a particular interest in acrylics and feltmaking. She is also an experienced writer and editor.

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