under consideration

 I am considering things. Considering what I might / could / will do in various ways. Ideas to do with writing, or books, or other related things. Ideas to do with books I’ve already written – video reflections, one per chapter, that could be used for individual reflection or group discussion? Considering what to put…… Continue reading under consideration

clearing for a new season

As the Christmas season comes to an end, I’ve been taking down our decorations.  I allowed the magi a little time with the holy family first, as they are usually on the other side of the mantelpiece! Removing decorations results in a sparkling mess… (with a guest appearance from my slippers). And putting things in…… Continue reading clearing for a new season

the space between

Space matters.In my previous post, I talked about spaces at the end of sentences – about how the ‘double space’ is no longer necessary.I still want to talk about space, but in a different way; in this sense I am coming to the opposite conclusion. Because in my life I often feel space-deprived. I don’t…… Continue reading the space between