Undivided Heart – day 5

For the blog tour today, Wendy H Jones reviews Undivided Heart over at the Bookaholic blog. Click here to read her post. Among other things, she describes it as a ‘deeply rewarding read’ – which is rewarding for me to read! Bookaholic is a mixture of book reviews, writing and marketing advice, so if books are your thing,…… Continue reading Undivided Heart – day 5

Undivided Heart – day 3

It’s day three of the Undivided Heart blog tour… are you still interested?! Today Angela Almond, who has already read the book, shares her thoughts on her blog. You can read her post by clicking here. Angela has been writing her blog, ‘Tracing Rainbows’, for nearly ten years. She describes herself as a ‘portfolio person’…… Continue reading Undivided Heart – day 3