chop, chop

Often we do things – necessary things – in our lives.  Things may need changing.  Things may need cutting out.  But it’s not just that one moment; not necessarily.  Sometimes we find that the stuff we’ve tackled has left us with a pile to sort through.  It doesn’t just disappear; there’s more work to be done, perhaps a bit of assistance needed.


I’ve been super busy editing and proofreading recently (with both my editor and writer ‘hats’) and so the blog begins to experience neglect.  It rather expects it.  Did I raise its hopes, with my short flurry of posts? Nah. It knows better. Meanwhile, I am watching the skies. A house martin just flew past -…… Continue reading sky-watching

the space between

Space matters.In my previous post, I talked about spaces at the end of sentences – about how the ‘double space’ is no longer necessary.I still want to talk about space, but in a different way; in this sense I am coming to the opposite conclusion. Because in my life I often feel space-deprived. I don’t…… Continue reading the space between