the weight of witness

We think of today as a day of extraordinary good news and celebration.

However, as I was pondering yesterday, that first ‘resurrection day’ and the days that followed contained a mish mash of confusion, mistaken identity, surprising encounters, mixed messages, garden glories, conversations on the road, surprise, fear, doubt , wonder, until the weight of witness was so great that the followers of Jesus could at last put aside their hesitancy and grief and embrace their world-changing truth – that Jesus lived.

But it took a while for everyone to digest.

Easter, like Christmas, is a season; it is not a one hit wonder. It reflects on the days that followed the resurrection of Jesus, his many appearances… a reality immediately embraced by some in the delight of encounter, but that takes a little longer for others. Jesus appeared to different people in different ways. Likewise, we all respond differently.

And this resurrection season is our daily reality, even when we reflect on other parts of Jesus’ story. We live in the power of the resurrection; we are part of that weight of witness.

We stumble, we grumble, we weep, we mourn – but that does not take this reality from us.

Jesus lives. In that lies our greatest hope. Without it, our faith is in vain.

By Lucy Hannah

Lucy is a mixed media artist with a particular interest in acrylics and feltmaking. She is also an experienced writer and editor.

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