clearing for a new season

As the Christmas season comes to an end, I’ve been taking down our decorations.  I allowed the magi a little time with the holy family first, as they are usually on the other side of the mantelpiece!

Removing decorations results in a sparkling mess… (with a guest appearance from my slippers).

And putting things in boxes.

I’m still pretty exhausted after that nasty virus, so all this was punctuated by lots of sitting down (and watching the Crown on Netflix).

But decorations aren’t the only thing I’ve been clearing away.

Undivided Heart is published and ‘out in the world’. I need to reach out feelers now, to prepare my heart for whatever comes next (and I intend to give myself plenty of ‘space’ to do this – see this post).

It’s also time to swap old calendars for new and create new schedules… which means that it’s been time to clear my noticeboard, which I did on New Year’s Day.

I love my noticeboard (yes, I asked for it for a present one year!). I use it to create, pinning ideas to it until wider themes emerge.  But taking things off it can feel hard. What do I do with that reflection, that prayer I found somewhere, that bookmark from a friend?

Usually I pop such things in a shoebox. Shoeboxes are stashed in various places in the house – under wardrobes, on top of bookshelves. But I think perhaps sticking these scrappy bits of paper in a journal might be more productive – I am more likely to look at them, and they are held in a gentle structure, rather than buried in another ‘pile’. So perhaps I shall do that with my old inspiration scraps.

Occasionally I write or create things in one of our ‘prayer spaces’ at church or similar, and pin them up. What to do with these?  Again, stick them in a journal. Or perhaps, if they don’t feel too private, share them here?  I shall do just that.

Here is one of my ‘unpinned’ pieces from 2017… not polished or refined, simply a reflection of my heart at that moment – and perhaps, looking at it afresh, a good prayer for me as I clear my noticeboard and clear my mind and allow new ideas to bloom.

sometimes I don’t know how thirsty I am
until I have a cup of water
A hint of your presence reminds me
how much I need you,
and how far away I feel.
Rid me of the clutter that keeps me
from seeing you.
Brush away the dust that covers me.
Break through the barriers
I hardly know are there.
In your Spirit’s power and in Jesus’ name

Amen, indeed.

By Lucy Hannah

Lucy is a mixed media artist with a particular interest in acrylics and feltmaking. She is also an experienced writer and editor.

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