Undivided Heart – day 6!

design-1Why, hello again! Back so soon?

Today is day six of the blog tour (there are eight of them, if you’re wondering if it will ever end) and that means I’m over at Claire Musters’ website, sharing my thoughts on how the quest for approval and the preoccupation with appearance can become a malignant motivator in our lives. To read this post, click here.

Claire is also a writer and editor. On her blog she writes about everyday issues that affect her life and those around her, such as being a pastor’s wife, learning to be a worshipper and being a parent, as well as regularly reviewing books. She also loves to interview other authors to find out what inspires them and how they get their ideas down. Claire will be on this blog at the end of the week, as she also has a new book coming out – so we are both in the same boat – and a bit of a flurry! – at the moment. So you’ll find out more about her then.

cupcake clipart.pngTime’s ticking on – I have my first ‘offline’ event tomorrow – and thus have been baking cakes this morning.  (Yes, I know I should delegate things like that, I’ve just been so busy I didn’t get round to asking for help – hmmm!) And no, they don’t quite look like this!

Time for another cuppa, perhaps? I should really have another look at what I am going to say tomorrow…. although if my talk is bad, at least there will be cakes.


By Lucy Hannah

Lucy is a mixed media artist with a particular interest in acrylics and feltmaking. She is also an experienced writer and editor.

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