Undivided Heart – day 2

design-1Hello and welcome to day two of the Undivided Heart blog tour. Today is my normal monthly slot over at the More Than Writers blog, so click here to read my post.

This is the blog of the Association of Christian Writers (ACW).  Posts are written by members of ACW, which is committed to supporting, nurturing and encouraging Christian writers. It aims to equip and inspire its members to use their talents with integrity and to produce excellent material which comes from a Christian world view.

Facebook live
Yesterday evening I held a Facebook live to celebrate.  In theory Facebook gives me an embed code, which I’m pasting below in the hope it works, even for non-Facebook users.  I plan to post snippets on Youtube, leaving out some of the umming, ahhing, giveaway announcements (now closed) and bits where I’m faffing about! I hadn’t actually intended to post the whole thing here, as it’s a bit embarrassing! All unscripted, just a couple of cue cards on the table to remind me to say certain things.

However uploading to youtube is a bit of a faff at the moment.  I’ll wait until we have faster internet (in theory, that’s happening next week).

It’s over 40 minutes long, there’s some reasonable content for the first 20 minutes, but you may want to skip over the fluff (start at 2 minutes in to avoid the preamble). If you can see it, watch at your peril…there are some silly moments! (If you just want to have a good laugh at me, try about 26 mins in…)

Start by clicking the play icon in the centre of the video. If you can’t get sound, hover your mouse in the bottom right of the video screen and click on the speaker icon if there is an X on it.

At some points I am replying to comments (which you can’t see!) Direct questions I was asked during the live broadcast included:

  • Will there be a third book? (I evaded this one, the idea was too much, sorry Annie!)
  • Can you see you and your husband joint authoring a book?
  • Which part of the book involved the most self examination?
  • Why ‘Undivided Heart’ and not ‘Divided Heart’?
  • How are you? (Good, thanks!)

…these were mixed in with various other comments and hellos etc, which appeared on the bottom of my screen (once I’d remembered to scroll back down again, ha!) I’m looking at these when I’m craning towards the screen 🙂

By Lucy Hannah

Lucy is a mixed media artist with a particular interest in acrylics and feltmaking. She is also an experienced writer and editor.

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