it’s my bookday!

Undivided HeartToday’s the day – it’s the official release date of my second book, Undivided Heart, here in the UK. I’m feeling all kinds of things – excited, exhausted, nervous, cheerful, wistful…

There are various things happening to celebrate – today the Undivided Heart blog tour begins, over at the Christian Bookshops Blog. So do take a look and read the first post of the tour by clicking here .

Launched in 2008, the Christian Bookshops Blog is an independent voice in the Christian book trade which aims to help bridge the gap between booksellers, publishers, readers and writers. It features news and commentary on the trade alongside guest posts from authors and publishers, providing opportunities for everyone who loves Christian books to exchange ideas and interact: suggestions for guest posts are always welcome!

Also today – I’ll be doing a Facebook live video from my Facebook author page at 7pm (BST), during which there will be an opportunity to win your own copy of Undivided Heart. Yayness, right?


Next week I’ll be having my first ‘physical’ book launch, for want of a better word, and now have my boxes of books ready for that. I’ll share some pics with you after the event.

It’s all go in my brain at the moment; hopefully I won’t implode!  Juggling all this with the rest of life is the tricky bit, so if you want to share any of my posts, tweets, images etc. with others that’d be a great help as sometimes I run out of steam – or need to focus on a different job!

As ever, the page you need to go to is to find out where to buy.  Also do ask in your local bookshops as that will help support them and create interest.

Please note that the book will not be released in the US until March 2018 but you can still order from the Book Depository with free worldwide delivery!

Thank you for all your support and good wishes.

the struggle

By Lucy Hannah

Lucy is a mixed media artist with a particular interest in acrylics and feltmaking. She is also an experienced writer and editor.

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  1. Warm congratulations, Lucy! Though I have been unable to actively participate in the book launch group, I have been seeing the posts and cheering you on from the sidelines as such. It may be some time before I can read ‘Undivided Heart’ but I will definitely post a review when I do. Thinking of you as you celebrate and battle against overwhelm and fatigue. May you enjoy your golden moment of victory as you finally unleash your lovely book into the world! xo ❤


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