your kingdom come 

On Thursday, on a bit of whim, I composed the following and posted it on my Facebook author page. It seems to be proving one of my more popular posts, so I thought I’d also share it here…

amid the clamour and the jeering
unabashed electioneering

vote swinging, mud-flinging
fake news, opposing views
idolising, demonising
the polls and the trolls

delighted support or sarcastic retort
dreams crumpled, voters disgruntled
the derided and the undecided…

baffling choices, hate-filled voices
feeling betrayed or falsely portrayed
motives mistaken… hope reawakened?

I cannot tell which way we’ll turn;
what lessons (if any) we will learn

all the rejection and potential dejection
of this general election…
a course correction?

the future uncertain, I close the curtain
at the end of the day and continue to pray…

your kingdom come

Lucy Mills, June 8th 2017

In picture format:


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