the laborious art of book writing

“Reading through…I think it’s OK…so hard to tell when have seen it so much…but it might be OK, after all…If I can fix a few things and fill a few holes, I might even be pleased, in the end…”

I wrote those words on a recent Instagram post.

I’m still writing the book, balancing it with other editing work, which is proving an exercise in drawing lines, even more so than I already do. Deadlines do have a tendency to congregate and with every new demand in my editing job, I have to take a deep breath and not panic.

Panic is the worst thing for creativity, for me, at least.

Undivided Heart is developing its personality and it won’t be taken lightly, taking me into deep questions of identity and meaning. I only hope it manages to balance the ‘depth’ with readability.  I continue to plug away at it, though I feel shell-like, now.

Undivided Heart .jpg

The cover has now been revealed (as you see above), the ISBN is out there and it is available to pre-order from some online retailers – has been for a few weeks, which amused me greatly at first, since it is still not finished.  It’s due in October, so you have a while yet before you get to read it for yourself.

I don’t have many ‘writing juices’ left in me for an inspiring blog post, as they are all flowing into the book. The laborious art of book writing…my eyes are lined with shadows, my heart is almost bled dry.

There is a kind of birthing and it takes its toll.

And I have never been satisfied with the frothy shallows; I have to strike out to the depths. But sometimes my feet get dragged down and I flounder in the deep darkness before catching glimpse of gracious, divine light – just enough to keep me from drowning, but my arms ache.

The book itself is challenging, tender, something moving in my hands.  It is very nearly almost… But not quite yet…

I hope that I can do it justice; I hope I can convey its soul.

4 thoughts on “the laborious art of book writing

  1. scskillman says:

    Reblogged this on SC Skillman Blog and commented:

    I love this post by Lucy Mills and it echoes my own thoughts about the process of writing a book. Lucy is writing an inspirational book, not a novel, but she describes an experience common to all those who throw themselves heart and soul into writing a full-length work for publication. Lucy refers to the revision process; but I can testify that even getting that first draft written presents the same challenges. It can be compared to an artist, covering the canvas before they can begin to work on the details. do read and comment on Lucy’s post.


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